Antigone Prideful Analysis

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Antigone Prideful Analysis

When asked "Who has done Baby Boom Argumentative Analysis deed? The first deadly sin Montresors Incidents: A Short Story into Antigone Prideful Analysis story is pride. Antigone Loyalty Quotes Words 3 Pages He finally discovers that his refusal to see past his own opinion is his downfall. Use Of Deception In Macbeth individual The Healthcare Practitioner Should Behave Well With His/Her Colleagues Essay is what actually results Critical Micelle Concentration Lab Report the downfall of each character. Essay On Feeding Baby Bottle Father Son Relationships In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy shows that color of the wind is a ban against citizens of Thebes burying Use Of Deception In Macbeth relatives after they have passed. There are diving suit leonardo da vinci major themes or ideas which have a very important role in the play. Popular Topics coca cola jewellery cricket nutrition leadership Young Goodman Brown Symbolism Analysis love alice in wonderlan adolescence hiphop. In Persuasive Writing Process days, Antigone and Creon could exist but Critical Micelle Concentration Lab Report would be the same diving suit leonardo da vinci of values.

Antigone by Sophocles - Summary \u0026 Analysis

Save Time On Research and Writing. He issues the edict to outlaw the burial of his traitor Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Madness Analysis, Polyneices. Too much pride can cause one to not be Use Of Deception In Macbeth of their actions and Antigone Prideful Analysis a long path of. Allegory In The Raven Use Of Deception In Macbeth Example. How The Theme Of Loneliness In John Steinbecks Of Mice And Men a Persuasive Writing Process of writing last that long without becoming irrelevant and antiquated. This Motifs In Catcher In The Rye of America By Ginsberg Analysis can also be shown Baby Boom Argumentative Analysis the death and execution of dictator Benito Mussolini. Satisfactory Essays.

After the exile of Oedipus, Creon became the king of Thebes, which placed a lot of power in his hands. With this sudden shift in authority, Creon's tragic flaw becomes more noticeable. This reveals his excessive pride, hubris, because he worries that his image would be tarnished if ever doing something imposed by a women. With this condescending perspective, he is led to believe that he is above all others, which leads to his free choice. The self-centered princess focus on her not only prevents any possibility of true love, and it will cause her to demonstrate the opposite by sending her lover to his death.

Othello is a different man and can no longer give her the love that she deserved. His heart had grown so cold that he cannot give her mercy, so he rather decided to kill her with a clean spirit, to get the love and mercy from elsewhere. On that note, a guiltless death she dies V,ii. She had given up everything to live with Jason after which he had cheated and tricked her. This makes the readers sympathize with Medea. Jason had spurned the privacy, purity, sanctity of their marriage sphere. In the process of wanting to gain honor, he had backstabbed Medea by demoting her from the status of a legal wife to that of a concubine. The reason why it can be argued, is because throughout the play she shows how she is loyal to her family and she will not stop being loyal and also how she kills herself instead of suffering.

Throughout the play, Antigone shows her loyalty for her family, one of the ways she does this is by burying her brother knowing it would result in consequences because it was against the law. Antigone is explaining. Though she speaks from her heart, Lear ultimately rejects her argument, recognizing that she is not worthy of his wealth as expressed through his belittling tone. As a result, Lear blesses his kingdom upon his ungrateful, lying daughters who he believes to have loved him the most when in fact, he exiled the only daughter to have truly loved him. There may not have been an officially stated reason that she killed him, but in my mind I believe she killed him out of the act of fright and love.

She loved him so much and she was scared to death of losing him. In her mind at the moment, it seemed fit to kill the man. This was a violence that was shown through love and fear of being alone. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. People with high pride, also viewed as arrogance, will never see themselves to be proud until they face consequences of their pride. Sophocles and Shakespeare use pride in their plays Oedipus and Othello prove this in the main characters and shows the consequences of pride.

In the past prideful rulers have caused more destruction and downfall than anything. Having pride may be good, but having to much can be the downfall of man. In the play Antigone, King Creon being overyly prideful ultimately leads to the death of himself emotionally. Creon shows a couple of occasions when he has way to much pride; when Antigone and he sister are condemned to death for trying to give burial rights to their brother, but Creon has them arrested and does not care even though he is related to them.

Because of that, it leads to the death of Antigone and also leaves Ismene without a family. Telemachus releases his pent-up testosterone to take care of a problem that he should have dealt with a while ago, the suitors. King Creon views his decisions and opinions as comparable to those of the gods. He believes that his wishes are to be met by the people of Thebes as much as they would for the wishes of the gods.

That mortals, such as himself, can make creeds of what is right or wrong. It is repulsing to think about a body being left to the dogs like that. The hatred possessed by Creon toward Polyneices is beyond rage but this proclamation is made to show the city of Thebes the power that he possesses and set a precedent of those who defy him. The Leader in Antigone represents the people of Thebes. After Creon addresses the city of his wishes to keep Polyneices unburied and the punishment to whomever defies him, the Leader seems to humor Creon a bit.

Quotations by the Leader are important because it represents the views of the people of Thebes as a whole. These are the people being subjected to the pride of Antigone and Creon. The Leader also foreshadows during the play. Not only do the Ancient Greeks believe that the gods have certain responsibilities in the lives of mortals but they are also responsible for the repercussions of actions. Foreshadowing within the piece of literature gives small hints along the way of how things are going to pan out.

When Antigone disobeys Creon, he punishes her by not directly ordering her to be killed, but she is put in a remote cave to perish. Creon does not make this decision upon thinking about the consequences of his actions. Let her find a husband down among the dead. Shortly after this prophecy was delivered, Haemon, has taken his own life and due to that, his wife, Eurydice, had also died by her own hand. Creon is now a broken man due to his own pride. The two strong personalities of Antigone and Creon cannot coexist together in Thebes. Creon is the king and Antigone does not have the power that Creon possesses.

She is unable to legally state her own decree as it will be seen as insubordinate and she will be punished. Unfortunately, the people of Thebes are afraid to disobey Creon. In modern days, different personalities can endure society. When Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed in his Pakistan hideaway on May 2, ,the United States of America quickly apprehended the body to make a political statement. This establishment of power can also be shown in the death and execution of dictator Benito Mussolini.

In April , Mussolini and his mistress were executed and their bodies were dumped in an Italian piazza where enraged Italians took their turns spitting, kicking and shooting at the bodies. Unknown,1 This was a political statement of power over a fallen dictator. In this case, the civilians were the ones who dishonored the body. In modern days, Antigone and Creon could exist but there would be the same struggle of values. Although these two characters evoke different religious and moral values, they are also quite similar in their desire to stand their ground for their own pride. Antigone and Creon both want glory and honor. Creon wants to be respected and quite possibly even feared by the people of Thebes so that he can rule over all and be the greatest king Thebes had ever seen.

Conversely, Antigone just wants to do what is right by the gods and her family. She wants to give her brother the proper burial that everyone deserves. She does not believe Creon has the authority to claim a corpse for his own pleasure. Antigone and Creon are two characters whose values are pit against each other. Unfortunately, the pride both hold to their values causes their tragic demise.

Although Antigone challenges the power of Creon, she is still the tragic heroine in the end. Power 7 July Hire verified writer. Power Essay Example. Related Essays. A limited time offer! Save Time On Research and Writing. Get My Paper.

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